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WT on Tour: Ripon Export Fair, 27th June

Join Web-Translations at the Ripon Export Fair, Friday 27th June. Free to attend, the fair features MP Julian Smith, as well as representatives from UKTI, and Leeds and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce. You’ll hear from companies who are already exporting, and plenty of experts (including us!) will be on hand to help and advise on different aspects of international trade. There’s also a series of masterclasses you can attend to find out more about opportunities and your best route to market. Whether you already sell overseas, or are still considering your options, the Export Fair will give you the opportunity to find out about the wide range of support available to help you make international trade a success for your business. Register for your free ticket now!


Keywords in other languages

If you want to read more about keyword research in general, visit our service page on the subject. Taking keyword research onto an international level is one of the many challenges facing companies looking to grow their overseas profile. If you approach it as a translation exercise, you’ll be dead in the water; multilingual keyword research needs to be approached in its own right, and on its own terms. Here are a few points to consider when you start thinking about your international keyword strategy:


Quick tips for launching a multilingual website

When launching a multilingual website, there are lots of things it’s important to get right. Paying attention to these factors can make the difference between success and failure of your website, so it’s worth spending some time on before your launch. Here are a few of the main things you need to consider before you publish your multilingual site: Visitor Language selection Decide how you want to indicate the languages available on your website – there are several ways to enable visitors to choose the language of preference, including flags, text links and a dropdown list. Are your images suitable? Make sure that any images used on your site are culturally appropriate to the market you are targeting. This includes localising any text they may include as well as selecting images that will appeal to your audience. Localise selected content Select key information to localise and create a microsite based around this. A fixed amount of pages will keep costs […]


Why your business should use Social Media

Social Media allows you to: Set up profiles easily and inexpensively Have conversations with customers in the place they like to be Get instant feedback about your service or products Reach more people in more demographics than any other marketing channel Level the playing field between your business and competitors Let your audience share your content and spread the word for you  


5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Every day, we come across a new misconception about Search Engine Optimisation. It’s easy to understand: there are a lot of people in the industry that haven’t adapted to how SEO has developed, and many more who think they can still second-guess Google to this day. Here, we break the spell cast over five common myths about SEO.


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