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Why use CAT tools?

Last year, a Proz poll indicated that 88% of professional translators use a CAT tool. For the 12% of you who don’t, here are some reasons why we think CAT tools are essential:


Watch out when using Google translate!

While using Google translate to double check my understanding of an email I’d received in German, I noticed that all was not as it should be. My German is a little rusty, and so I often use free online translation tools as a backup, to verify my understanding. I know the limitations of machine translation, and as I was only using it to double-check my understanding of the message, I wasn’t so bothered about the incorrect word order and questionable grammar in the translation Google produced: However, the incorrect translation of “Donnerstag” as “Friday” definitely caught my attention! Lucky for me that I have the German for days of the week firmly imprinted in my memory, but other people who don’t speak German who rely on Google translate wouldn’t have been so lucky and would have missed the deadline! Be careful! Machine translation tools are very useful, but are no replacement for a fluent human being, especially if you’re trying to […]


International SEO: Is server location important?

Managing a successful international web strategy would be much simpler if one hosting company could host multiple local domains on local servers through a single control panel. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you have purchased unique domains for the different languages of your website, you can: host all of your languages/domains in one country OR host individual languages/domains in the target countries


6 resources every translator should use

Contrary to what some may think, not all translators sit alone in a dark room, typing furiously, using only a dusty old dictionary for reference. Translation has moved on! It is more than just one opinion, one draft, one dog-eared dictionary. Translators, like lawyers, refer to myriad sources to select the best terminology, cite examples of similar contexts, delve into background information, and so on.


Terms Website Owners need to know


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