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Translation into European, Scandinavian and Asian languages for product packaging and consumer instructions.

Boots International is part of a leading international, pharmacy, health and beauty group delivering a range of products and services to customers, and the brand has an established position as the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer.

Boots needed a translation provider to deliver translations in Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Malay and Traditional Chinese for product packaging and consumer instructions. Pharmaceutical documents are also translated into English. As many of the translations are destined for commercial printing, print deadlines and the time taken to ship finished products to market all have to be factored into the process once the translation is complete.

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Having used the services provided at Web-Translations, we have been able to deliver critical Covid-related messaging across our stores in numerous languages, which critically meant we are able to ensure we provide a safe shopping environment for all our customers. The team at Web-Translations are always on hand to support us and deliver our projects on time and correct first time. Having their team of expertise, we are always reassured that the translations are correct and not prone to misinterpretation, meaning we are able to deliver tasks at a rapid pace!

Mohamed Al-Ahmar, In Store Assistant Marketing Manager
Boots UK

The Challenge?

  • Balancing the factors of quality and speed, which can often be conflicting.
  • Making sure our service is straightforward for anyone at Boots to access.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the translations when dealing with text of a medical nature.
  • Maintaining consistency of disparate texts from one project to the next.
  • Ensuring the client’s linguistic preferences in terms of style and terminology are met.

The Solution?

  • Liaising with Boots to plan ahead for translation requirements.
  • A dedicated Account Manager gives Boots a single point of contact.
  • Working only with specialised linguists who have a background in medicine and pharmaceuticals.
  • Using Translation Memory software to store text segments to aid consistency.
  • Collaborating with the client’s in-country review teams in order to reach a definite version of each text.

The Results.

  • Professionally translated product packaging and instruction booklets ready for launch in overseas markets.
  • Happy Boots customers all over the world.
  • Efficient and reliable service means that Boots category managers can focus on other priorities while we take care of their translation needs.
  • Quick same-day turnaround for urgent scientific translations.

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