Eden Project


Translation and typesetting of maps and brochures into 5 languages.

Located in a reclaimed Kaolinite pit in Cornwall, the Eden Project’s biomes are world-famous. In addition to its amazing gardens displaying plants from around the world, valuable research is carried out.

With over 13 million visitors in its first 10 years, the Eden Project welcomes many foreign visitors and therefore requires maps and brochures in a range of languages.

The Eden Project turned to Web-Translations for localisation of visitor materials in German, French, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

Translation and proofreading of brochure content, as well as our expert typesetting services, have provided The Eden Project with well-received maps and brochures with which to welcome their visitors.




tourist maps and brochures

The Challenge?

  • Localisation of maps and brochures into a range of languages.
  • Producing files for printing

The Solution?

  • Skillful management of translation teams to provide timely translation and proofreading of content
  • Typesetting and reviewing to produce print-ready files

The Results.

  • Printed materials in German, French, Japanese, Polish and Spanish to help foreign visitors navigate and understand the Eden Project
  • Regular work with Eden Project over a period of 9 years and counting

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