Linguistic Review


Translators are qualified, experienced professionals, but like all of us, they sometimes make mistakes.

To ensure consistent, accurate copy, Web-Translations recommends proofreading as the final stage of your translation project so that your message is conveyed accurately, and with maximum effect.

Our professional translation service includes proofreading by a second qualified translator as standard to mitigate any risk of error, and make the final translation fit for its intended purpose. The proofreaders we assign to review your translation project are native, professional linguists based in-country. Their task is to undertake independent checking of the translation, examining grammar, style, accuracy, spelling and semantics, and making corrections or improvements as necessary.

This step is vital for any translation that will be published either in print or website copy, and also for those used for official purposes such as tender processes.

Many of our clients like to involve stakeholders from their organisation in the review process, and we are happy to work with your in-country managers and native-speaking staff to create the best content possible.

We can work with any subject matter, document format and in 140 languages using specialist in-country mother tongue speakers, who have experience in your particular field or industry, so your translations are in safe hands.

For advice about proofreading for your project, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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