Learn a foreign language and save money!

Perhaps it’s not the number one reason to study a foreign language, but speaking another language can save you money!  You’re less likely to be swindled on holiday if you can communicate using the local lingo, of course, but even at home, knowledge of a foreign language can save you a few pennies.  In my case, a 25% discount totaling more than a few pennies!

I recently visited a popular chain restaurant and found a typo on their menu – the name of a French cheese was spelt incorrectly.   I thought it was worth mentioning on a comment card, and was completely shocked to receive a nice letter and discount voucher a week later!   Learning foreign food names definitely pays off, so keep studying, kids!

More on uncleanable ttx files

After my last post about cleaning the uncleanable, I thought that crying over broken ttx files was a thing of the past.  Well, it wasn’t, unfortunately.  This week I had another file that would not clean up, no matter how many tricks I tried.   This problem was (somewhat) solved by:  1) obtaining the TM used by the proofreader 2) running the source file through Trados Workbench’s “Translate” function to create a new bilingual ttx file based on the translations present in the proofreader’s TM 3) cleaning up the ttx file as normal.

The problem may have been caused by the large number of broken tags, but attempts at repairing these and then cleaning the ttx file as normal just did not work.  So, after I was able to create a new bilingual ttx file and clean that, the resulting file was still a mishmash of Swedish with English where the tags were broken.  Some copy/paste magic was needed to get the file into its final state, but at least it didn’t take too long 🙂