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Web-Translations say howdy to new staff

The project management team has grown again at Web-Translations with the arrival of Jennifer Rodgers, who joins the team as Project Manager.

Jennifer, from Texas, adds another international face to the firm. Jennifer has worked in France for three years and recently moved to the UK. With degrees in Biology and French from the University of Texas at Austin, she will be involved in coordinating medical and scientific translation projects.

“Jennifer is an excellent addition to the Project Management team, bringing language skills and tons of enthusiasm as well as a great eye for detail,” says Project Manager, Catherine McTeigue.

For Jennifer, joining Web-Translations means that, “my contributions can make a real difference. I’m eager to use my language skills to help Web-Translations provide quality translation to customers around the world.”

Web-Translations Limited offers website localisation and document translation in over 140 languages for Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern and American languages and marketplaces. Web-Translations employ only professional native speaking in-country translators.

Web-Translations win Digital Yorkshire Internet Awards

Web-Translations received regional recognition at the Digital Yorkshire Internet Awards dinner held at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds on Thursday 27th April.

Web-Translations becomes a member of the Institute of Export

Web-Translations is pleased to announce their recently confirmed membership of the Institute of Export.

As Web-Translations develops its international business horizons with a visit to the USA in March and the expansion of the sales team with offices in America the team is looking to establish its reputation for excellence abroad.

The Institute of Export encourages its members in their development of an international reputation for their professionalism and commitment to people development. Web-Translations’ existing experience of working within a multicultural team and with professionals across the globe ties in perfectly with the Institute of Export’s philosophy and the company is proud to be recognised for this.

Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director at Web-Translations Ltd commenting upon the new membership said that being a Member of the Institute of Export offered Web-Translations, “an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to businesses seeking growth in international markets. With new business opportunities developing for Web-Translations in the US market in March, Web-Translations has the hands on experience of developing relations for ourselves and demonstrable past experience of helping our clients to do so with great success”.

Web-Translations Limited offers website localisation and document translation in over 140 languages for Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern and American languages and marketplaces. Web-Translations employ only professional native speaking in-country translators.

For more information contact a member of the Web-Translations team on +44 (0) 1924 360 460.

Connect China and Web-Translations announce strategic partnership

As Wakefield based Web-Translations focuses its business development on the Asian markets, the partnership with Connect China, located in Batley, offers fantastic new opportunities to develop the number of services both companies offer together.

Gone are the times when ‘Made in China’ suggested poor quality, now businesses across the globe are clambering to get into the Chinese market, known for its high quality competitively priced goods and its never ending labour supply. Businesses realise that being successful in business in China just isn’t the same as in the western hemisphere –this is where Connect China and Web-Translations can help.

The partnership offers excellent business opportunities for both Web-Translations and Connect China’s clients within the rapidly growing Chinese economy. Sound business advice from Connect China will compliment Web-Translations’ high quality service, further enhancing the already successful service Web-Translations offer.

Clients such as Guernsey based Polar Instruments and Essex based Phelan Barker have gained new clients and business opportunities from their localised Chinese websites both within the UK Chinese population and customers based in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director of Web-Translations commented upon the partnership’s opportunities saying that, “The Chinese online market presents a different set of challenges to the relationship based business environment, yet the two are merging in the 21st Century. The combination of a localised website to stimulate interest, brand awareness, and generate contacts, combined with Connect China’s knowledge of the country’s business etiquette offer fantastic opportunities for business success in the market.

About Connect China

”Batley based Connect China Ltd work with businesses and organisations across the UK to help them build their business opportunities with China. Companies looking to export, source or build their skills and contacts to trade with China, can contact Connect China in order to take advantage of their business potential in one of the world’s fastest growing markets. 

Useful Resources:

Connect China
About China

The EU25 offers new business opportunities

With an increasing number of business opportunities in the new member countries of the EU, Dorset based Scopevital decided to localise their website into Russian and Lithuanian. In addition to local languages spoken in each country of the former USSR, there remains a large number of Russian speakers across the region and the opportunities for business are growing.

Scopevital specialises in the field of bio dryer engineering and offers a large number of services and technical support for users of its products. As an industry leader in the growing Lithuanian and Russian speaking market offers opportunities for expansion into these marketplaces. Web-Translations’ localisation of their existing English website offers customers and business partners the opportunity to trade successfully across the internet.

For more information on translating your website and marketing materials to attract customers and distributors in new markets call 01924 360 460 or email

Pay-as-you-go multilingual content; updates made easy

English content now only accounts for 31.6% of online material according to Internet World stats.  With the internet removing geographical barriers to trade a multilingual website is becoming more imperative for success at international level. – Research from IDC states that visitors are four times more likely to buy from a multilingual website than on in English alone.

However, for many organisations, the cost of updating and maintaining translations on a multilingual website makes it prohibitively expensive.  The administration, tracking, delegation, payments and of course the translation itself, all take a small amount of time that quickly adds up.

The majority of the cost is not from the translation itself, but the administration involved in coordinating the translation.  Many organisations employ full time native linguists, but updates are always a ‘low priority’ task so there is often a great delay in keeping the foreign language versions in sync.

Another key problem is that many organisations that self-maintain their website do not benefit from their existing language asset because they are not using Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software.  This has the advantage of maintaining terminology and suggesting similar or identically translated phrases, greatly increasing the speed at which the translator can work at, and ultimately reducing costs.

The new service launched by Web-Translations addresses the administrative costs by offering a contact that is based on word-count, clients effectively pre-pay for their translation needs.  The price is uniform for all languages and entitles the to what is effectively a word-count credit that works on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The best part is that once setup, the service works seamlessly in the background.  Clients simply work on the English version making as many or as few changes as necessary. There is no need to even notify  Web-Translations of the changes made because they use specialist software to automatically monitor the site (which can even check every minute).

The service will be particularly useful to news rich websites, and subscription based sites that have a great deal of dynamic, changing content.

Web-Translations are very familiar with working to tight deadlines, working with several clients in the FMCG industry, speed has become a real USP for the business.

With costs lowering and specialist support available, there has never been a better time to invest in having a multilingual online presence. A monolingual website effectively means you are leaving half your money on the table.

FMCG industry needs Fast Moving Translation

Web-Translations is celebrating a successful start to their final quarter after securing additional work from the FMCG industry.  Twinings, Cadbury-Schweppes, Tate & Lyle and Purina (a division of Nestlé) are among returning customers with a frequent need for professional translation services.

The FMCG industry is fast-paced and the speed at which Web-Translations can return a high-quality translation is absolutely critical.  This is the key reason for choosing Web-Translations.  Within 15 minutes of being confirmed, the project is initiated by a project manager.  In the case of Cadbury-Schweppes this meant the careful coordination of 62 translators to cover 31 languages! Separate translators are used for proof-reading.

Cadbury-Schweppes and Purina chose Web-Translations after reading about the success story with Timberland, another major consumer brand among the growing portfolio of customers.

As the translation memory grows, Web-Translations is fast becoming the preferred supplier of translations services, as previously translated content can be used to discount future work.  Highly repetitive translation is substantially discounted and after the clients assist with building a glossary of terms the consistency is applied automatically.

Web-Translations has an excellent reputation for the quality of translation, being positioned in the two fifths of the industry focused on translation ‘for publication’, its clients can be sure that they are receiving a different service to translation ‘for information’ which is three fifths of the translation industry.

Web-Translations partners with Chapter Eight

Web-Translations are pleased to announce the establishment of a new partnership with Leeds based development company Chapter Eight. Chapter Eight specialise in web development, Search Engine optimization, web design and online promotion for clients working in a wide range of business areas.

With Chapter Eight’s latest Content Management technology development and Web-Translations’ language expertise the companies are working together to offer customers greater control of their language asset with the multilingual content management system which is now in place. The partnership enables both companies to offer extra services to clients who are targeting non-English speaking customers and who wish to embrace the global marketplace a multilingual website can access.

The combination of the technical expertise of Chapter Eight with the translation and international e business strategy provided by Web-Translations ensures business and communication can take place swiftly and efficiently with customers no matter what their native language is. For further information please contact Cassandra Oliver at or 0113 8150460

Web-Translations forms strategic partnership with Bloom Media

Web-Translations are pleased to announce the establishment of a new partnership with Leeds based web development and design company, Bloom Media.

Bloom specialise in web development, Search Engine optimization, web design and online promotion for clients working in a wide range of business areas. Successful application of Search Engine optimization and promotion gets their clients to the top of UK search engines, but for international search engines, Bloom Media calls on Web-Translations to employ their freelance translator teams and ensure clients make headway in international markets.

The partnership enables both companies to offer extra services to clients who are looking to embrace the global marketplace across the internet through the use of multiple language website as a cost effective international development sales plan.

The combination of the technical and design expertise of Bloom Media, the search engine optimization and internet marketing expertise of Jump Higher with the translation and implementation services of Web Translations enable UK companies to set up virtual offices across the globe! With email translations, online promotion and search engine identification available clients will be able to succeed in an increasingly global marketplace addressing potential non-English speaking customers in their own language and increasing business opportunities for sales in foreign markets.

Web-Translations become localisation company for Polar Instruments

Web-Translations are pleased to announce that they are now working with Guernsey based company Polar Instruments, producers of testing equipment for printed circuit boards.

With an existing customer base in Asia, Polar Instruments wanted to improve their existing Asian websites in line with their English site, in order to keep Asian Pacific customers up to date with product developments from a constantly changing product base. With a customer base, and customer support available in 7 local languages, their website is a key marketing and sales tool, and Web-Translations are extremely happy to be working with Polar Instruments on the translation and search engine submission of their website to international search engines.

As well as website localization Web-Translations are working with Polar Instruments to localize software applications used by the company and its clients across the Asia Pacific region. Downloads of programs used by both Polar Instruments and its clients will soon be available in Asian languages.

The Future is Bright for Web-Translations

The future is certainly proving to be bright for Web-Translations.  After an award-winning 2003 we decided to give our best effort when entering the National Business Awards and are now finalists in the national final for the Best Use of Technology.

We won a number of awards in 2003 which recognised our innovation and success in delivering a product to help UK companies trade successfully abroad by translating and adapting their websites to make them suitable for non-English speaking visitors.

After giving a presentation to judges from all over the country the Web-Translations team are now through to the finals of the award with the North East Dinner to be held in Manchester in July.

Commenting on our success so far Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director said, “We are delighted to have been nominated for such a prestigious award, especially as there are so many well established national companies involved.  We are enjoying a successful 2005 and our recent promotions in Athens are demonstrating our desire to be as international as our clients.”

Web-Translations Shows Spark of an Idea

Web Translations wins another prize!

Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director and Catherine McTeigue, Business Development Manager, have scooped a prize in the University of Leeds category of the Joint Leeds Universities Business Concept Competition run by Spark, Yorkshire Forward and Business Start-UP @ Leeds Met.

Web-Translations Limited began as a small business when Daniel Rajkumar attended Leeds University with support from Spark, based in Leeds.  The recognition of innovative ideas were reflected in judges’ comments that they were impressed with the concept of translating websites to appeal to non-English speaking customers.

Our presentation showed that we can translate documents and websites to and from any language using highly tested freelance translators from all over the world. Businesses everywhere can use their services to demonstrate that their non-English speaking customers are as important as those that speak our mother tongue.

Commenting on our success Daniel said, “Taking part in this competition has demonstrated that students at university in Leeds have a number of fantastic ideas that can help contribute to the region’s continued growth and development. For Web-Translations, winning this award has underlined further our belief that there is enormous potential for companies to communicate with their international customers in their language”.

Web-Translations Wins Two Language Awards!

Web-Translations scooped two awards in recognition of their contribution towards helping businesses overcome linguistic and cultural barriers that restrict global trade.

Winning the regional award for best use of the National Language Standards, a process that ensures a high-quality service for each project. Along with the Merit Award in the New Technologies for Language.

Developing the Strategic Approach to Localization (SAL), the perfect service for small to medium sized businesses looking to go global, has been one of the turning points. The service allows businesses to profit from the Internet’s growing popularity and accessibility to non-English users throughout the world. By creating mini websites to test foreign markets, businesses can find out where their sales potential abroad really is. After an initial test period, the performance can be analysed to recommend the best performing foreign markets, committing to the best market will ensure that businesses get the most profitable return on their investment.

Business Development Manager, Catherine McTeigue said, ”We are thrilled to receive an award that not only recognises Yorkshire’s businesses’ efforts in raising the importance of languages for trade and industry, but that also underlines the importance of promoting languages for all. In the New Year we are looking to build on this success and further develop our products for an increasingly global society.”

Web-Translations wins another Broadband Britain Challenge!

Following successful growth in recent months, Web-Translations has sought to recruit a new project manager to replace Ed Brewster. Ed has decided to travel the world before taking up Environmental Studies at Imperial College London. – We wish him a world of luck.

Keith Cheung, born in Hong Kong and holder of a masters degree in Chinese Translation, has joined the team. “Keith has excellent qualifications and is a hard worker,” says his manager, Daniel Rajkumar.

For Keith, joining a small business means that “my contributions can make a real difference. I am keen to help develop Web-Translations, and keen to put my qualifications into practice, because this business has real potential.”

News Update – Friday, 1st August 2003

Keith has played a key role on our localization project for American Softwoods, successfully coordinating a team of translators and proofreaders.

Web-Translations wins Broadband Britain Challenge!

We received an award – our first ever, and hopefully not the last!

For recognition of outstanding innovation in using ADSL Broadband, Web-Translations has won the Area Final of the Broadband Britain Challenge. Hosted at Elland Rd, the event was a glamorous occasion with plenty of champagne and caviar as well as entertainers of all kinds.

The trophy was voluminous: Daniel Rajkumar was immortalised in polystyrene! A sculptor took measurements and created a life-size 6ft model, which now stands proudly in the corner of our office. “I had no idea we would win, there were some great entries,  when I found out what the prize was I was gob-smacked!” says Daniel.

We are proud to be attending the grand final in London on September 12th. Who knows? We may even win again!

Web-Translations Launches SAL™ – The Strategic Approach to Localisation

Web-Translations’ clients not only request professional translation and localization services, but consultancy to determine their future presence in foreign markets.  Committing resources to multiple markets is a decision one must not make without considering all risks. Web-Translations has developed a Strategic Approach to localization that allows customers to test foreign markets with micro sites.

Only after gathering intelligent information will the client need to make a decision .  This approach reduces the risk factor and allows management to calculate a realistic return on investment.

So far, this service is proving to deliver a win-win scenario to Web-Translations and customers alike.

This step-by-step approach gives Web-Translations a competitive edge. “While many other agencies are mostly doing translation for information, 80% of the material we translate is for publication. We are rapidly developing a strong reputation for excellent quality,” says Daniel Rajkumar, MD of Web-Translations Limited.

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