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Why your business should use Social Media

Social Media allows you to: Set up profiles easily and inexpensively Have conversations with customers in the place they like to be Get instant feedback about your service or products Reach more people in more demographics than any other marketing channel Level the playing field between your business and competitors Let your audience share your content and spread the word for you  


5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Every day, we come across a new misconception about Search Engine Optimisation. It’s easy to understand: there are a lot of people in the industry that haven’t adapted to how SEO has developed, and many more who think they can still second-guess Google to this day. Here, we break the spell cast over five common myths about SEO.


8 Signs it’s time to invest in localising your website

  How do you know when your business is ready to launch an international website? Lots of companies trade internationally at an early stage of their growth, whereas others are much more cautious – wait too long, however, and you could lose out to a competitor. These are a few key milestones that you should look out for:


eCommerce Platforms Part 2 – Which one is for you?

Last week we looked in to the types of eCommerce platforms available to you; Hosted, Open Source and Hosted Shopping Cart. This week, we will look at the features of specific platforms to help you find your perfect match. Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform that is favoured by small retailers and start-ups because of its ease of use. All the technical information that a self-hosted solution would require you to set up is already taken care of, so you really can hit the ground running. There is also 24/7 help on offer so you will never feel stuck.


Kelly Kettle ignites in new markets

Festival season is upon us! If you fancy a nice hot cup of tea in your tent at Glastonbury or Leeds, then the Kelly Kettle is for you. With a camping stove base, and a kettle attachment that fits on top, it boils water in just 3-5 minutes – using only a handful of sticks, dry grass or even pine cones as fuel! Kelly Kettle approached Web-Translations for assistance moving into new markets through their eCommerce website, which allows outdoors enthusiasts to purchase the unique products online. Kelly Kettle products are also available at many outdoors stores in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.


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