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The Nadler launches new microsites

We are pleased to announce the launch of two new microsites for boutique hotel group The Nadler, which operates luxury hotels in Kensington, Soho and Liverpool. The Nadler’s innovative concept of 4-star luxury with mini kitchens, free WiFi and filtered water makes the hotels very popular, as evidenced by their exceptional TripAdvisor ratings. The Nadler aims to provide useful information online for international visitors in a range of world languages.  With many Russian and Chinese visitors to the hotels, The Nadler opted to begin with these languages.  Microsites for Chinese and Russian are now live, and are easily accessed by clicking on the flags at the top left of the main website,


Business Etiquette Around The World

Each country has its own variety of cultures and traditions, and this is no different when it comes to business. What may be considered normal in one country could be classed as rude or offensive somewhere else and your behaviour could make or break a deal. Do your homework before attending any international meetings so you can make the best possible impression. Japan Japan is very conservative and this is reflected in their approach to meetings. To make the best impression dress smartly, preferably in a dark colour. Ladies should try to tone down their makeup and avoid high heels such as stilettos. After you have made a great first impression, remember to offer out your business cards and do so with both hands. For that extra special touch, translate the reverse of your business card in to Japanese.


Dominic McGrath promoted to Projects Director

  We’re pleased to announce that our Language Services Team Leader Dominic McGrath has been promoted to Projects Director. Dominic already looks after some of our key client accounts, as well as managing our team of hard-working project managers, and has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty to earn himself this promotion. Well done Dominic, and thanks for all your hard work!


eCommerce Platforms Part 1 – Which type is best for your business?

The variety of eCommerce software available means there is something out there to suit each and every business. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options, and the subtleties in difference between some of the products. To get started we are going to discuss the 3 types of platform on offer; Hosted, Open Source and Hosted Shopping Cart. By highlighting the main features, benefits and limitations of platforms in these categories, you should be able to deduce which category is going to suit your business the best. The right platform will give you all the tools you need to grow your business, whilst taking care of the behind the scenes technical tasks that can often hold us back.


7 Common Misconceptions About Translation

1. Machine translation (e.g. Google translate) is a great way to translate a website.   Google’s translation engine actually learns from content published on the web, so the more websites that are translated this way, the worse the quality of translation produced eventually becomes. Computers may be good at translating individual words and simple sentences that are repeated frequently online, however they will never be able to understand context. Only a human can understand a language and the subtleties within it. 2. Translation is easy and shouldn’t cost as much as it does. Translators are skilled professionals and are as knowledgeable and experienced in their specialist field as solicitors or medical professionals. When you commission a translation, you are paying for that expertise at a rate that reflects the time and investment the translator has put into developing their skills, and the ongoing effort to maintain them. You wouldn’t ask a carpenter to perform an operation on you, so why […]


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