Charlotte Graver
International Food for Autumn

To celebrate autumn’s arrival, we thought we’d use this blog to share some of our favourite international autumn foods.

International Translation Day: Fun Facts

In honour of International Translation Day, here are some translation facts to get you thinking!

Proofreading vs Quality Assurance Checks: What’s the Difference?

In this blog post we outline a few of the differences between proofreading and quality assurance checks.

It’s a Human Thing: Translation Nuances Machines Don’t Understand

In this blog we outline some translation nuances that machines don’t understand.

Regular Expressions: Basics for Trados

Despite their useful nature regular expressions can be quite overwhelming! That’s why we’ve gone back to basics and put together a glossary guide for you!

Twenty Years of Web-Translations!

Web-Translations is twenty years old today! Join us in wishing Web-Translations a very happy birthday!

Meet Our New Intern, Yujia Yang

Take a moment to get to know Yujia Yang – Web-Translations’ new intern!

International Reads for Summer 2023 📖

To help you decide which novels to read this summer, we’ve put together some of our favourite international reads that we’ve enjoyed this year

Localisation of Video Content: Why is it important?

Video marketing is essential for the success of your brand, but in this blog post we explore why the localisation of your video content is also important.

Tips to Prevent Work Anxiety

Work anxiety is entirely normal but it sometimes can become out of control. In this blog, we’ve outlined some tips to help you be there for your employees.