Language asset management

Translations are an asset of a company. Once they have been created, they can be reused. We work with the top industry software which allows you to recycle your translations, providing cost savings and consistency across all content.

Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools are software programs that help professional, human translators to work more efficiently and produce work that is more consistent.

At Web-Translations, we work with two types of CAT tools: memoQ and Trados, which allow us to create and maintain translation memories and termbases.

Translation Memory

CAT tools store source text and its corresponding translation in manageable chunks (called segments) in a database. This database is called a translation memory. Every time a new translation request is received, the new text is compared to the text which is already in the translation memory.

Text segments repeated within your text are called repetitions, and text which is a match to previously translated content is a 100% match. These are discounted by over 60%.

(Please note that translation memory discounts are not applicable for already discounted services such as pay-as-you-go translation, and that the discount does not apply to proofreading services.)

For more information on our pricing, please contact us.

Translation memory…
  • enables automatic re-use of existing translations and thus reduces the time of the overall translation process.
  • maintains consistency in writing styles. This is important since teams of different translators will be working on your project.
  • reduces translation costs of long-term projects.
  • minimises desktop publishing costs.
  • includes fuzzy matches which are when text is similar to a previous translation, but not an exact match. These can be categorised from 25 to 99% match, and greatly help translators maintain consistency.

Terminology Management

Every industry has it’s own specific terminology inherent only to itself. Through the use of consistently detailed glossaries, we can ensure the use of your preferred terminology.

Please note that you own your Translation Memory, and our other clients will not have access to, or benefit from, your Translation Memory.

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