Why use an agency? Can I not just do it myself?

Web-Translations has all the requisite skills, experience, infrastructure and technologies at its disposal – plus of course the qualified and vetted professional translators. Localisation is not a simple process. Peace of mind and assured accuracy is guaranteed only if you choose a dedicated and experienced agency such as Web-Translations.

Even the multi-nationals run into trouble because of linguistic and cultural differences:

  • Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer Electrolux used the following in an American ad campaign: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”
  • In Taiwan, the translation of the Pepsi slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” came out as “Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead”
  • In Italy, a campaign for Schweppes Tonic Water translated the name into “Schweppes Toilet Water”

At Web-Translations we ensure you avoid embarrassing mistakes like these, which can cost you your reputation and potentially damage your brand.  As a multi-award-winning service provider, Web-Translations delivers outstanding online marketing solutions to well-known brands including: South African Airways, QuietPC.com, Heatmiser and HolidayCheck. We also have a proven track record of achieving excellent results for our clients, making us the partner of choice for clients from a range of sectors – we can do the same for you.

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