Machine Translation Post-Editing

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Machine Translation Post-Editing

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Lots of content? Not a lot of budget? Consider our Machine Translation post-editing service: efficient machine translation reviewed by a professional human linguist for content you can share with confidence.

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Solutions for improved efficiency. Curious to know more about our machine translation process?

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Confidential and secure

Need confidential information translating? We can translate your content securely

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Add glossaries and translation memories to keep the tone, style and terminology consistent

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Many sectors and languages

With nearly 20,000 language combinations and a range of sectors - we've got you covered

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For creative, top-quality translations, a professional linguist is the best choice. However, we know this is not always possible due to time and budget constraints. An alternative solution is machine translation post-editing. Machine translation improves efficiency, thereby reducing cost and increasing speed, and post-editing by a linguist gives you peace of mind that it’s fit for purpose.


Better than Google

We use the latest industry machine translation software to create translations, which are then edited by professional linguists for accuracy and readability. It’s confidential and secure.

The machine translation software that we use is secure, which isn’t the case with Google. Your data is translated on our centralised software using Neural Machine Translation (NMT). NMT is an advanced machine translation process, which uses an artificial neural network to predict a sequence of words. This approach allows the machine to learn in real-time.

The machine’s translation is then sent off to one of our trusted professional linguists for post-editing. The linguist will check the translation for accuracy and readability, improving the machine translation where necessary.

We speak your language

Whether it’s a frequently requested language like French or Spanish, or a significantly less common language such as Icelandic and Azerbaijani, we can provide translations in various combinations using machine translation post-editing. We work with 140+ languages, which means we can provide machine translation post-editing services for 20,000 language combinations! For more information about the languages that we work with, read more here.

Incorporate real translations

Do you have an existing translation memory, glossary or even existing translations? If so, we can use those together with machine translation to generate better results tailored to your business. This ensures that your brand’s style is retained and remains consistent.

Great for different types of content, including

  • Internal communications within a company, such as emails
  • Understanding legal documents
  • Understanding documentation, instructions, operating manuals
  • Extensive online product catalogues
  • Product reviews

An alternative solution

Machine translation post-editing can be an alternative to human translation, however in some cases we would always advise using professional linguists. A linguist will give your content that creative edge, and proofreading by a second linguist will ensure the content is accurate and error-free. We do not recommend machine translation for printed materials, persuasive sales and marketing content, or content that will remain indefinitely in the public domain.

Why consider post-editing?

Combining existing translation memories and termbases with our machine translation software ensures effective content localisation. Plus, with a professional linguist reviewing the output, both accuracy and readability are guaranteed.

  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Confidential and secure
  • Reduce costs
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Christopher Gomez, Project Manager

Web-Translations’ Machine Translation Post-Editing service is our preferred option when we’re short on time and are working to a tight budget. We’re happy with the translated content and we would highly recommend their services.

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