The importance of Translation Project Management

Well, where to start? Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, as a former project manager, but project management is, in my humble opinion, vital to a smooth, problem-free, well-executed translation project!

A recent article handily backs up my opinion, stating that project managers are, in fact “indispensable to the process due to the vast number of project variables, requirements, exceptions to project scope, etc.” Project managers liaise with both clients and translators to see a project through to completion. Their role involves understanding clients’ needs and requirements, ensuring that they can all be met, and then creating a logical sequence of tasks to be carried out to a specific deadline, not to mention assigning the work to suitable translators and proofreaders who specialise in the subject in question. (more…)

More on uncleanable ttx files

After my last post about cleaning the uncleanable, I thought that crying over broken ttx files was a thing of the past.  Well, it wasn’t, unfortunately.  This week I had another file that would not clean up, no matter how many tricks I tried.   This problem was (somewhat) solved by:  1) obtaining the TM used by the proofreader 2) running the source file through Trados Workbench’s “Translate” function to create a new bilingual ttx file based on the translations present in the proofreader’s TM 3) cleaning up the ttx file as normal.

The problem may have been caused by the large number of broken tags, but attempts at repairing these and then cleaning the ttx file as normal just did not work.  So, after I was able to create a new bilingual ttx file and clean that, the resulting file was still a mishmash of Swedish with English where the tags were broken.  Some copy/paste magic was needed to get the file into its final state, but at least it didn’t take too long 🙂

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