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An English website targets only 30% of the global online population, but a website in 10 languages will reach 80%. Our low-risk international website strategy has enabled many companies to profit from global trade.

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Is your website only in English? Less than 30% of internet users have English as their first language, and this number is dropping year-on-year, as emerging markets develop their online potential.

A website in 10 languages will be understood by over 80% of the world’s online population.

Positioned between the translation and web industries, Web-Translations offers a unique, low-risk low-cost approach to international eBusiness. We’ve helped companies large and small to benefit from international trade by tailoring our services to meet their needs.

While the Internet has removed geographical barriers to international trade, cultural and language barriers do still remain. With the right advice, you can overcome these barriers and increase your revenue from international sales.

Read our Top 10 tips for going global - take your website and business into new markets to tap into potential new buyers for your products and services.

Research and test your online market potential - once you have the facts you can take an informed decision as to where to focus your valuable time and money.

The opportunity to outsource a range of business functions, both routine and high value, has never been more compelling than it is today. Outsource your multilingual eMarketing, translation and web design.

Global information management is not easy. There are many systems to integrate, a huge range of business needs to meet, and complex organisational (and cultural) issues to solve.

Global business can be a highly profitable and rewarding objective, but is fraught with many challenges. Each stage of international business carries different risks, with the biggest obstacle being that of language and culture.

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