Language translation is an art, not a science. Being able to articulate meaning, emotion and nuance is much more than simply the transference of information from one language into another. Every member of our staff speaks another language to a high standard, including our Managing Director! At Web-Translations, we understand the importance of the subtle differences with the inflection of tone and style. That’s why, when it comes to top-quality translations, we work with the best and most experienced translators in the industry.

Reviewing translations: Getting it right

Will internal staff be reviewing externally sourced translations? Let us help you understand who within your company is best placed to do so, and follow our tips for managing review stages.

How to buy translation

This guide aims to provide helpful advice and tips, whether you are using a translation service for the first time, or are a seasoned professional.

Technology in translation

Advances in technology have dramatically changed how the business world functions – the translation and localisation industry is no exception. Translators no longer work with a pen and paper, but with CAT tools.

Language asset management

Translation memory software can help you to save money as well as improving consistency. At Web-Translations, we work with memoQ and the newest version of Trados.

Buying translation: Getting started

Whether you’re using a translation service for the first time, or are a seasoned translation buyer, here are a few tips to help you negotiate what can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

Project management excellence

Linguists themselves, and with eyes like hawks for detail, our project managers ensure your project runs smoothly, has the best translators available and is of the highest quality.

About our translators

We have a strong working relationship with our translators, most of whom have over 10 years of translation experience as well as industry work experience in their area of specialisation.

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